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Heber Martinez July 20, 2023
"Never have had an issue with them, nice staff too."
cashman May 19, 2023
Daniel Egan April 25, 2023
"They were super friendly and patient. I'd had a very hard time finding a place to get processed while.out of state. They took me after they were supposed to stop taking appointments for the day. Very grateful"
Chico March 31, 2023
"Great service!! Always very helpful. Never a long wait. Terrific people!!"
Tammy August 29, 2022
David C March 25, 2020
"Rick and his staff are phenomenal! I have been performing random tests for a court order for 8 months and test here. The staff is great about doing everything that is required, despite my testing protocol and paperwork changing constantly. They have even taken on new testing systems just for me. I walk in, pay a very reasonable amount (I did a lot of research on cost!) and walk out in 15 min. I have also had problems at times with the court in Placer County (im not driving 3 hours to pee in a cup) and Rick has always followed through by calling them and fixing any problems every time. I wish more businesses still operated like this and I highly recommend them and will continue to use only this facility to test. "